ATM Sehat

Now, people could monitor & consult their health routinely, easier, and prevent complication even from long distance without suffering from financial anxiety. Through ATM Sehat, we invite people to have long term health investment.

ATM Sehat is committed to increase everyone health

Early Detection

ATM Sehat as tool for the user to do early detection and prevent complication of health problem

Online Consultation

User can directly consult the result of their health condition via online or live conference

Easy Routine Check

User can check their health condition easily and routinely

Time Saving

Identify health condition real-time and by one application


User’s health profile will be safely and automatically recorded


Buy medical supplies or devices to help monitor health condition whenever and wherever

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Get all the Health Tools you need to Monitor & improve your Health


Dr. dr. Taufik Jamaan , SpOG


Committee Board of Indonesia Physician Association. Previous CEO of Sahid Sahirman Hospital (Sahid Group) and MMA Menteng Hospital. 20+ years Eperiences

Ns. Sigit Mohamad Nuzul


Works in HR & development agency on Health Ministry for 8 years. Educated in Biomedicine & Nursing

Ahmad Zaki Anshori


Works in IT and Telehealth system for 4 years. Educated in Computer Engineering, AI, and Tech Business in Seoul and London.

Dr. Budhi Mulyadi


Health regulation advisor for the Senate. Lecturer in community health for 22 years. Board owner of a Health Workers Training Company.

Sukan Makmuri


CTOO of UangTeman, Previous CTO of Kudo (acquired by Grab), Stanford alumni.

Bastian Purrer


Founder Ayo! Early Stage Partners & LYKE, Previous CMO of Zalora (Rocket), Harvard Business School alumni



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